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Our Background

The history of Jacottet Industrie began after the 1st World War.  Paul Jacottet, a fighter pilot, founded the business at the end of the conflict in 1919.  The company was intended to manufacture flight control cables, as well as rivets and struts for biplanes.  Manufacturing was initially located in Courbevoie, Jacottet then moved to Versailles in 1956, then again to its current location of Chartres in 1969.


As the business developed, Jacottet also integrated the design of composite seals, supporting René Leduc in the development of the first European hydraulic flight servo.  This still equips the CL215T today, having been patented in the early 1950s.  This is still a small part of the Jacottet business, but we now only supply spares for legacy applications.


Jacottet Industrie was also involved in all the major industrial periods of the 20th century and participated, in addition to the growth of the aeronautical industry, in the development of the French automobile industry.  Cables were produced for cars designed by Peugeot, Citroën and Matra from the 1960s to 1980s.


In the 1990s, the company refocused its activity around its core capabilities, namely aeronautics, and acquired Sarma, the cable division of SKF Aerospace in 2007. The Jacottet business was in turn acquired by the Carclo-plc group in 2008.




Our History 

1946 - Patent 1st hydraulic flight control actuator


1960 - Begin supply for French Automotive manufacturing

1950 - Start manufacturing rubber / Teflon seals

1998 - Airbus Certification

1969 - Moved to current location in Chartres

2007 - Acquired SARMA (Division of SKF Aerospace)

2008 - Jacottet Business is acquired by Carclo-plc


1919 - Jacottet is Established to supply aviation Industry

2015 - Continue to invest in Modernising Facility


2008 - Dassault Certification

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